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Don’t Wait to Use Your Dishes

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I woke up a few Wednesdays ago to news of a popular comedian’s death.

He was 54 years old, conquering his dreams at a high level with two Netflix shows under his belt, a Nickelodeon TV show on air titled, “That Girl Lay Lay”, and was three shows into a national comedy tour.

A family man, who often used his family life as content, was doing the darn thing.

His sudden death, and that of many others, prompted me this week to tell you…DON’T WAIT TO USE YOUR DISHES.

You know those dishes that we showcase on our formal dining tables, or in the beautiful China cabinets, waiting to be used for a special occasion. Those!

If dishes aren’t your thing, how about that dress hanging in your closet, waiting to have its turn on the runway of your life. That one.

Or the shoes still in the box waiting to get playing time on the dance floor, or that purse waiting to be arm candy for the right night. Those things.

Sometimes it’s not ‘things’ but a ‘who’.

That ‘who’ that you swore to never speak to again; or the ‘who’ that contributed sperm for your existence but was absent; or the ‘who’ that birthed you but always made you feel less than, so you stop speaking; or the ‘who’ you fought with over Big Mama’s stuff. Yes, friend, I’m talking about them!

Whatever or whoever it is for you, don’t wait to use your “dishes.”

Pull them off the shelf and enjoy them.

Make the call.

Choose to forgive.

Give those shoes a spin.

Honey, rock that arm candy with that bad dress hanging in your closet.

You’ve been dreaming of getting your masters? GO!

Law school? Get ‘er done!

Start a business? It’s your time!

Write a book? Start now.

Life is fragile.

The graveyard has the shoulda’s, woulda’s, and coulda’s buried, and heaven is full of unrealized dreams, so please, don’t wait to use your dishes!

I used my dishes last week. Just me.

I did not need a crowd or anyone around to enjoy. You don’t either. But if you happen to, grab a friend, and please send me a note that says, “Sharwin. I am doing the darn thing cause, like you, I am determined not to wait to use my dishes!”

Sharwin Wiltz-Boney is an entrepreneur, business consultant/coach, speaker and author who currently serves as President and CEO of a financial infrastructure management company that has operated in the Houston area for more than a decade. Utilizing the experience, she has gained through business ventures and her very own life journey, Sharwin invites you into her Musings. Have a comment? Drop her a line at

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