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Dandelion Seeds


It’s Time To Pray

Say it with me....

Father, we need you.
Our city needs you.
Our city leaders need you.
Our police, fire and staff need you.
I need you.
Help us to resolve the issues before us.
Help us to continue to be a city that values
all people groups.
Help us in our disagreements that we not just
be disagreeable to be disagreeable but we seek bona fide solutions.
Help our city leaders.
Give them wisdom Father in every decision
they make and I pray that their decisions would indeed honor you
and the people they serve.
I will love my neighbor even those I disagree with because you teach me to do so.
Thank you for your wisdom.
Thank you for keeping us safe.
Thank you for every Missouri City police officer, every fire personnel and staff person that works for our city and lays their life down each day to serve. Get them home safe each night.
Thank you that Missouri City residents VOTE and while I rally for my team I understand that we all are part of a larger team.
May your hand be upon us.
May your grace be with us.

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