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What is Beauty?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Big lips? Big hips? Too skinny? Too fat? Too light? Too dark? Small boobs? Large boobs?

What is beauty in all of that?

When is a woman considered beautiful? Is it the way she looks, the way she talks? Should she be able to pay her own bills? Drive her own car?

What is beauty in all of that?

Should her hair be straight or long? Natural or permed? Brown, black or blonde?

What is beauty in all of that??

The world population clock sits at 7.999 billion people. Of that billion, an estimated 3.9 billion are women. Of the 3.9 billion women, who is considered beautiful?

Who sets the standard? A person? Or social constructs that is influenced by people who live in glass houses?

The conversation of “What is beauty?” and “Who is beautiful?” monopolizes our lives more than you may think.

I know, because there are young girls right now in our communities and in our country struggling with low self-esteem or battling feelings of not being enough because a playground “influencer” said they were too ugly, too skinny, too fat, or only plain.

I know, because there are women who still struggle with words not just from the playground ‘influencer’ but family, friends and enemies that have taken on the job of hate.

I know because the media parades certain body types, certain skin tones, and hairstyles before us that scream acceptance.

Today, let us use this “media,” this space, in this moment to parade the truth about real beauty. We should do this because any social construct that seeks to conform 3.9 billion women—and growing—into a one-dimensional outlook on beauty does not deserve our attention, our dollars, or the tears shed by those who do not seem to fit the bill.

So, to the women made to feel un-beautiful, this is for you.

To the young girls who struggle with what a “playground influencer” has said, this is for you.

Hear me clearly as I say this unapologetically…

What is beauty?

Beauty is as beautiful as you. Beautiful is me. We are beautiful.

Beauty is personal. It is more than just one thing. It is bigger than one culture. It is black. It is white. It is kinky hair, thick thighs, straight hair, skinny thighs.

It is a big nose, a small nose. It is remarkably you. Fearfully you. Wonderfully made…you.

Beauty is as beauty does. Beauty is at the core of you; the mind of you; the hope in you.

Whatever your skin hue; whatever your bra size; whatever your hair length, color or style… beautiful is you. Big or small, tight pants, long shorts, big eyes, hazel eyes, straight nose, long nose, honey… beautiful is all of you.

Lift your head, pretty girl. Stand tall, baby girl. Smile, sis, cause…

What is beauty? Beauty is as beautiful as you.

Sharwin Wiltz-Boney is an entrepreneur, business consultant/coach, speaker and author who currently serves as President and CEO of a financial infrastructure management company that has operated in the Houston area for more than a decade. Utilizing the experience she has gained through business ventures and her very own life journey, Sharwin invites you into her Musings. Have a comment? Drop her a line at

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